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About MI Sports

"MI Sports Mission is to grow in accordance with the Concept. This mean growing on The basis of quality. Quality is all aspects, In relation to the products and collaboration with Partners. WHY? Because quality always wins”

MI Sports Exemplifies the concept of global company and takes pride in being a responsible corporate Citizen. We offer a comprehensive package that integrates knowledge of lifestyle, innovation and advance technologies.

We are committed to supporting our customers, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations and enabling them to be more competitive in the market place. We believe in mutual respect and co-existence among ourselves and with the communities and environment in which we live. We provide a warm, safe and healthy home for our employees and place for growth.

MI Sports Seeks to expand its activities in existing markets by increasing market share within current products, adding new product categorise and enlarging its customer base. We are focused on constant improvement of its development and manufacturing response time in order to increase customer competitive edge in the Market place.