MI Sports

Welcome To MI Sports

MI Sports is a UK based company, that has become a well established manufacturer, importer and exporter of socks. We have our own manufacturing plant that is located in the outer parts of the industrial city of Faisalabad, Pakistan. We have relocated our Head Office to the manufacturing plant, and have offices located in London, UK and Melbourne, Australia.

Exporting worldwide particularly to USA, Europe and Australia, directly and through our business partners, we have become one of Pakistan's leading manufactures and exporters. We are always on the look out for new business partners, and are happy to work under the banner of wholesalers and agents around the world.

Our manufacturing plant is purpose built to high specifications for the production of a full range of quality socks for Ladies, Men and Children. We are currently undergoing the implementation of ISO9002, which has enabled us to be at the forefront of developing and implementing the latest technology, this assists us to manage and control every part of the production process efficiently. This decreases manufacturing times and reduces our costs, which means this can be passed on to our clients, and it is!

MI Sports Directors have built the company up on trust, trust with employees, suppliers and clients.
The manufacturing business of today is very competitive, we at MI Sports like to think we are different to the rest, we listen, we add input, and we stand by what we say. We produce the quality we say we are going to produce, every single time, in every single sock. We package the way we say we will package, and we deliver when we say we are going to deliver.

So, come on, test us out, throw us a challenge, we dare you….